Barber utensils

A&N is a small London barber’s shop with big dreams – visions of multiple shops, their own product range, and a name that’s recognised throughout the UK.

A&N London logo

With hundreds of barber’s shops across London, the brand needed to set itself apart, look professional and be welcoming to any age, or gender. 

A&N logo creation
A&N Shop front design
A&N logo Style guide

The brand needed to appeal to its main audience, men, and everyone else who gets their hair cut. So the approach was to create a brand around the way barbers uses their instruments to style hair, creating a dynamic visual language. 

A&N London application
A&N London application
A&N London polo tops

A striking, bold colour palette was created to give a real presence on the high street. The visual assets of green angular strokes imitate the cut-marks a barber makes, and it’s reflected in the wordmark too. Duotone imagery mixed with green-tinted typography makes the brand feel approachable and sophisticated. 

Flyer design for barber
loyalty card design for barber
hair product design

A&N has gone from strength to strength, acquiring a loyal customer base, enabling them to open another studio in the London Borough of Richmond. 

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