AMS offers a vast range of services in the amenities, groundworks and landscaping sector.


AMS were losing business because they lacked a big presence in their sector. Potential clients perceived AMS as a small, unequipped outfit. But, with over a dozen fully qualified team members, more than 25 years’ experience, and an array of machinery to tackle any project, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. The business had no online presence, and the sales team was
unequipped during site visits.


AMS needed a brand and a position that reflected their capabilities. The experience and reputation that AMS had established far exceeded that of any of their competitors, so this was the main message the brand needed to give out. The business was broken into eight different services, to ensure prospective clients can
understand exactly what the business offers.


AMS were keen on reflecting their farming background in the new
brand, so a carefully crafted icon and a vibrant colour palette of
yellow and green was used to make a connection with the earth.
Arial photography was used to reinforce this, and a beautiful serif font
was chosen to reflect the business’s heritage.


Within the first three months of rebranding, AMS acquired their largest contract to date, with the UK’s largest property development company,  Barratt Homes. 

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