In the world of multiple ground-works, AMS can't be beaten. Unfortunately, however, their website didn't reflect that. 


AMS needed a website that communicated their exceptional and professional level of service to prospective clients, and set them apart from their competitors.


After extensive research of the competitor landscape, the correct direction of the content on the AMS website started to emerge.


One of the most significant discoveries was that none of their competitors had any form
of a portfolio, or real scenario content. So, because of AMS’s impeccable history and enviable client list, I created a Case Studies section on the new site. It would instantly
set them apart. 


A simple site map with some initial wireframes helped paint the picture for AMS, before fully diving into the full structure and design of the website.


With over 50% of all website traffic worldwide generated through mobile phones in 2018, mobile-first design is always the starting point for creating a simple, clear user-interface. 


AMS's yellow was used as the primary interactive colour, making the use’s navigation intuitive. A black background added depth and sophistication in the Case Study section. This framed the content showed this particular content was unique.


AMS supplied all photography, and the use of a drone captured the complexity of AMS's operation – right there on the home page.


Within the first three months of rebranding, AMS acquired their largest contract to date, with the UK’s largest property development company, Barratt Homes. 

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