Ingrebourne Interiors

For over 30 years, high-end interior design agency, Inglebourne Interiors, has helped keep London’s luxury hotels luxurious, and its celebrity homes beautiful.


In 2021, Inglebourne opened a new showroom in Surrey. That presented the ideal opportunity to rebrand – to reflect the contemporary elegance and luxury interiors they create for their clients now.

Logo design workings
Interior design business cards

Inglebourne started life by making bespoke soft furnishings from
the world’s most luxurious fabrics. So I looked no further than their craft
beginnings to create the wordmark. That done, the unique, interior
spaces they create could take centre stage and speak for themselves, within the visual language.

Poster design
Interior design newspaper advert
Inglebourne Animated banner
Interor design animated banner

I decided to create a supportive logo that reflected Inglebourne’s
heritage – one of creating beautiful, bespoke soft furnishings. Inspired by the simple concept of a needle and thread, a calligraphic execution seamlessly emerged. Colour was also key, to communicate confidence. So I chose a striking, contrasting colour pallet, one that gave maximum impact and oozed luxury.

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