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A surrey based professional plasterer, sculpting homes and commercial buildings for over a decade but had no digital presence to reach new customers.

Kg Plastering Website

KG Plastering had an extremely positive reputation amongst its current client base. 

However, the only primary marketing source was purely word of mouth with no online presence or any form of marketing in an oversaturated industry. KG needed a unique digital experience that instantly set itself apart from its competitors and demonstrated the expert quality and skill set KG Plastering offers to increase leads.

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After some initial industry research of KG competitors, a direction started to emerge into the website structure. Also, KG lacking any form of identity. I saw an opportunity to carve a style to separate them and own part of the market. The majority of KGs competitors had off the shelf templated websites with no consistency.

Once we had established a brand style that communicated KG core values like; reliability, confidence and exclusivity, a simple website structure helped inform KG of the best approach for a potential clients journey on the new website.

To keep KG's gallery relevant and always up-to-date. We integrated the companies Instagram feed as the primary source imagery, enabling KG only to manage one location.

KG PLatsering gallery promo pannel
Responsive Design website - Kg Plastering
About us Mobile design KG Plastering

A simple, clear user interface was created, allocating KG Gold to all interactions for the user, instantly enabling all viewers from the website to navigate effortlessly.  Across the website, I Integrate direct contact points on every page, creating no dead ends for the user and increasing the potential for the viewer to become a lead for KG.

With KG now having a unique looking website, I also wanted to inject core SEO best practices throughout the site and integrate website analytics to help track the site's performance and evolve the site where necessary.


Within the first week of going live, KG increased leads by up to 70%. It has steadily increased, and KG Plastering is now looking to expand its team because of increased demand. 

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