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LHS, a leading market law firm, wanted to create a website where clients could buy almost any of its range
of legal services online.


Covering a huge range of complex legal services, a user-friendly website was needed. This would help customers find the relevant legal service they require, and purchase what they needed effortlessly. The brand also had very few brand assets to work with.


The site needed to be fully responsive to work on any device. A variety of bespoke templates for each service were created to allow LHS content-manage its own system. At the heart of the website was a complex but user-friendly navigation that lets a user find the legal services they require, just by typing or clicking on a phrase or keyword.


A vibrant colour palette that changes every time you revisit the site meant the user has a consistent, but unique, experience every time. A unique illustrative style also sets LHS’s brand apart from its competitors’ clichéd photographic style.

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