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Founded in 1963, ReAssure is a life and pensions company that buys and administers policies that are no longer sold, but are still premium-paying policies. It looks after approximately 3.2 million policies, amounting to £39 billion of customers' investments.


Their ever-expanding customer base meant they really needed to offer policy-level, online access to confidential documents and the like. This situation was exacerbated following a deal to take on the administration of nearly one million additional policies from a significant UK life insurance company.


I designed a portal-based website with a top-level dashboard display, allowing a customer or adviser to find the information they wanted quickly and easily.  

With such a broad customer demographic, we needed to accommodate everyone, including the visually impaired, so the site was re-skinned so people with limited vision could have an AA web accessibility experience. 


With such a vast product that would need to change with the times, an atomic-based design methodology was taken. This allowed the UI to be configured in any arrangement, so the product gave the best experience for the user and could evolve. 


The Reassure brand looked dated and didn't match the vision of the stakeholder, so the current brand was developed to create a more sophisticated look and feel, setting ReAssure apart from their competitors.


The team and I worked with key stakeholders at ReAssure in an Agile process which allowed the project to grow organically.  


ReAssure's API was incredibly smart, but with super-complicated, for a user to digest.
So we approached with the needs of the user front of mind, and only ever displayed relevant information in a simple visual language, for clear communication.


Colour was vital in creating an intuitive experience, and allocating colours for specific actions, mixed with the atomic-based design, was a winning solution, and was confirmed as such during the many hours of consumer testing.


To be true to the brand's new strapline, Anywhere, Anytime, the site allowed users to access their policy information, across any device.

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