Tax Free Worldwide

Tax-free worldwide is a specialist in the provision of VAT refunds and tourist payment services to retailers.


In a crowded banking sector, Tax Free Worldwide – formerly Eurorefund – needed a complete re-brand. Their current brand was dated, inconsistent across channels, and didn’t convey the business vision.


Understanding where Eurorefund fitted into the market was key. So a competitor landscape was created to define their new positioning. A new name was also created, to emphasise their global reach. The visual approach focused on the journey the customer takes during the refund transaction process.


A simple, strong Identity mark was created to reflect the business services, and a vibrant colour palette was used to distil the brand’s key attributes and make it stand out from the competition who mostly use blue as their core palette.


The design essence for the brand’s on and offline presence was created to be clean and simple, reflecting the transparent nature by which Eurorefund operates.

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