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Tiller is a new start-up, with a sophisticated wealth management platform, not exclusively for the elite.


Tillers state-of-the-art digital wealth platform made investing simple, and positioned them as a premium service that was accessible to anyone, not just the elite investor. They wanted a marketing site that not only delivered the application process, but also had a visual language that set them apart from the rest of the market. The visual language also needed to represent the sophistication of the app, while demonstrating that Tiller was for anyone, from the novice, to the experienced investor.


Choosing the right investment can be tricky, as there are so many variables to consider. I helped Tiller simplify their offering into three key packages ‘Core’, ‘Smart’, and ‘Select’. Each package allowed the user to have more access to funds, along with the ability to make informed choices as to where to invest. Structuring the product like this meant the user could progress through the three packages, and gradually turn from a novice investor into an experienced one.


By using a dark colour pallet with a vibrant orange contrast, I highlighted key features and content. This meant the user was helped through the site, so they could easily understand Tiller’s offering. I also designed the site to feel like an extension of the app, so that they both sat well together, and that after using the site the app felt instantly familiar.

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