Water anhel hero image
Water Angel

The Water Angel campaign was a campaign was
developed to encourage university students to drink water during a night out at the local bars, pubs and clubs.


West Sussex County Council wanted to promote the health and
wellbeing of young adults at university, by persuading them to drink
water alongside alcohol. The main message they had struggled to
engage was the promotion of drinking water alongside their alcoholic


With a previous campaign failing, it was crucial to understand why.
Instantly I found that the messaging felt wrong, and the campaign’s
visual styling felt out of touch with its audience. 


Messaging was crucial, rather than the messaging demonised
alcohol. Rather than demonising alcohol, I crafted a different
approach that promoted the benefit of drinking water alongside
it. Visually the campaign needed to feel completely different, so I
created an identity that let the messaging evolve visually.


The new launch was a fantastic success, and the campaign has been rolled out to other universities and colleges across Sussex.

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